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Originally Posted by Marco View Post
I searched all the configure/make files for occurences of sourcefile names, and I found only two of them worthy of attention, Makefile.src and, but I'm not sure which one (or both) to change, following what you outline.
I realized that is generated by the depgen make target. In my case:
mingw32-make -f depgen
So the only file I need to update manually is Makefile.src.

But running that command on the current (unmodified) angband src, I get the following diffs
$ diff
<  list-mon-spells.h init.h mon-make.h mon-spell.h mon-util.h mon-msg.h \
<  list-mon-message.h player-util.h store.h cmd-core.h trap.h \
>  list-mon-spells.h init.h mon-group.h mon-make.h mon-spell.h mon-util.h \
>  mon-msg.h list-mon-message.h player-util.h store.h cmd-core.h trap.h \
<  list-square-flags.h list-terrain-flags.h ui-keymap.h
>  list-square-flags.h list-terrain-flags.h ui-keymap.h snd-win.h
The first occurs in the dependencies of gen-cave.o, the second in the dependencies of sound-core.o. I expected to obtain no differences.

I am making several progress with git, although not everything is still clear to me, and I have understood that I must be more disciplined and have a more atomic and restricted approach to the modifications to Angband's sources, let me say homeopathic. There were several mistakes in what I did before.
I hope that my contribution that I anticipated, properly revised, is always welcome.
* Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good
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