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[3.5-dev] Monster opening/bashing refactoring

Monster opening:

if (cave_iscloseddoor(cave, ny, nx) || cave_issecretdoor(cave, ny, nx))
    cave_open_door(c, ny, nx);
else if (cave_islockeddoor(cave, ny, nx))

    /* Handle viewable doors */
    if (player_has_los_bold(ny, nx))
         do_view = TRUE;
First problem: cave_iscloseddoor() defined in cave.c includes locked doors, so the "else" part is dead code; I think cave_iscloseddoor() should only define "closed non locked" doors so monsters don't open locked doors without a lock power check (I think there are similar problems elsewhere in the code where the wrong check is made).

Second problem: refreshing display (do_view) should be called when the door is opened, not when a monster only "fiddles" with a lock; so the corresponding code should be put in the "if" part, not the "else" part.

Monster bashing:

else if (rf_has(m_ptr->race->flags, RF_BASH_DOOR))
    bash door...
This means that monsters having both OPEN_DOOR and BASH_DOOR will always try to open a door instead of bashing it, making BASH_DOOR obsolete. Before the refactoring, monsters failing to unlock a door would try to bash it.
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