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I suggest Unangband. It's very different from V. It holds the second place on my favourites list (the first one has V...).

ToME is great fun, but not very balanced. It is possible to get to the twenties within seconds (well, minutes). It has an very interesting feature, though: Sentient Weapons (making *thancs so much more awesome). ToME 3 has some awesome "mods" - I didn't know that a bunch letters can be scaring...
A ripoff of ToME is Furyband - it is *even less* balanced than it's ancestor.

Ironband seems nice, but I definately lack the skill for it. I'd like to see a non-ironman classless-and-custom-leveling variant.
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Maybe you'd like to try Portralis?

Be warned that it's extremely different that the other variants, as I aim to make it more like an RPG. Some quick features of the latest 0.3 release:

- A huge emphasis on customization. Though there are still classes, they are more like "titles" that gives some bonus, and you can switch between classes any times you want. You are by no means limited by your class. Each classes have 10 special abilities which you can spend ability points on the way you want. In addition, you also have skills that you can increase each levels, and stats can also be increased the way you want. It uses a very different stats system than the original Vanilla.
- Randomly generated magic items with a great variety of bonus. You'll never find two identical enchanted items! And later on, you'll find items that can gain levels and bonus points that you can spend for customizing your items, thus becoming a new source of stats and skill points. And finally, there's a Crafting skill where you can craft your own items, and spend points to determine the bonus yourself.
- Portralis has a storyline and dialogues between the PC and NPCs. It features it's own world with it's own storyline, dialogues between NPCs, quests, etc...
- A rather tough difficulty, as monsters can be tough and there are some "elite" and "boss" monsters you can encounter that are even tougher(but drops nice items).
- Resurrection. When you die, you will lose your items, but not your character and you'll keep your levels, skills and abilities. You will also not lose items you store in your home. And there are magic items that won't disappear when you die as well.
- Full Lua scripting support, and it's used quite a bit to create complex quests and unique special abilities for monsters.

And there's much more. If you're interested, you can visit the forum, and download the latest 0.3 release(the version on this site is starting to get really old):

Hope you'll try it out!
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I very much like persistant dungeon levels.
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Is there some other variant then Portralis, that allows for them?
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If it has permanent levels it is hardly Angband-based.

However, ToME 4 has its roots as a variant and now has permanent levels. They were also semi-unofficially supported in ToME 2.
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We get this "Which variant should I play" question somewhat regularly. Perhaps we could cobble together some brief, informative information and stick it up on the variants page, or sticky it the forum.

Possible examples:

- Replaces classes with skills and oath system
- Includes 4 magic realms (sorcery, necromancy, divine, and nature)
- Uses O-style combat (bigger weapons are better)
- Adds item forging and shapechanging skills
- Play if: you like Oangband or FAAngband, but want more flexible advancement.

- Introduced O-style combat (bigger weapons are better)
- Includes 4 magic realms (sorcery, necromancy, divine, and nature)
- Play if: you like Vanilla, but can't stand lighter weapons being better.

- Play if: there just weren't enough races/classes/artifacts/options in Zangband
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Phantastic, camlost!

Maybe, someone could add such information for others variants as well?

Dungeon Crawl (Stone Soup, ?)

FAangband (based on OAngband)

NPPAngband (based on Vanilla)

Portralis (based on NewAngband, based on PernAngband)

Unangband (?)

Entroband (based on Hengband)

and possibly even

Quickband (based on NPPAngband)

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I mainly play Z+Angband, which is basically just Zangband, since the latter hasn't been developed for years. Lots of cool ideas have been implemented and there's more coming, but really there's no way to know if you'll like it except to play it. Personally one of the biggest reasons I play it is that I love being a Chaos Warrior, where you have a chaos demon you either gives you a gift, or screws you over somehow, or does some other chaos-y thing, every time you level up, which makes things a lot more fun.

I saw someone mention Discband, which is basically just an older and less developed version of Zangband with a bunch of Discworld-themed creatures added. Don't waste your time...
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Dungeon Crawl (Stone Soup), while fun, isn't an Angband variant at all.. it's a completely different rogue-like with its own history.
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