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Originally Posted by gglibertine View Post
Thought I'd try the latest build to check out the new classes, and got this during character creation. Are half-elves meant to be subject to dwarfism or is this a bug?

Guess it's only the top half.
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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
That is the birth screen with 1d1 fists. It should show the maximum possible blows. I am surprised it is only 1.1 for half-elf or human.
minimum weight:100
Blackguards have 10lb fists. I've never played one, they have some sort of odd combat mechanics, apparently they are quite OP.

Originally Posted by gglibertine View Post
Well spotted! I'm clueless about how that gets calculated, and the documentation doesn't really help with that.

I'd be happy to help update/expand documentation (I'm a tech writer and have a lot of free time on my hands at the moment) if people are willing to field questions. I have enough understanding of C lib files to figure some things out on my own, but I'm not a programmer and my maths skills are limited. What I *do* understand is the non-coder's POV, which is something usually lacking in open source projects.

I've been deterred in the past because the response to previous offers to contribute has been pretty much "figure it out yourself" (this applies to every open source project I've ever been even tangentially involved with), but maybe if I started a thread for discussion of documentation issues?
So I posted the tables here:
so as not to clog up Nick's thread. As you can see it isn't a simple calculation. Feel free to ask questions if you have trouble following. I have trouble myself.
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Thanks wobbly, I'll take a look at it.

Re: comments about blackguards being OP, I'm not so sure. You have to put an awful lot of points into INT to be able to even use your limited magic at the levels you gain the spells -- I'm 19th level right now and still only have half the mana I need to use the Berserk Rage spell I got at 14th, and haven't actually used Dark Focus yet because I've got this giant stack of ?Blessing and !Heroism and keep finding more. It seems a bit inefficient to me.
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