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Angband 2.8.3L

I've started renovating 2.8.3, similar to 2.9.3L

So far I've fixed it to run on 64 bit machine, and in 256 colour terminals, and most importantly removed the 80x24 limit on the size of the terminal window. Support has also been added for flexible subwindow layouts in the terminal as in poschengband and most of the variants on

I have broken the x11 frontend which is probably an easy fix but not one I care to make - it may still work on windows but I'm not sure, my main concern here is playing via terminal.

There are several more patches I want to add (toggle_exp, easy_alter, easy_open, show monster list) before this goes up on

The ultimate goal here is to fix hengband to remove the 80x24 main terminal size restriction. Next stop Zangband 2.2.8.

It might be more straightforward to look through old chengband versions to see how chris did it, but it's more fun if I can fix other versions along the way.
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