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Important documentation error for "Mana Channel"

[I tried to submit through the Github page "new Issues", but it didn't let me do that without an account. Or maybe I just don't know how.]

As a Mage, when you Browse the spell book with Mana Channel, it tells you that it doubles spell-casting speed. This is not correct (it used to be that way, but no longer). According to the code in cmd-obj.c it actually reduces the time cost to 75% of the original cost, not 50%. The Browse message really should be fixed since spell casting is obviously not twice as fast, so it make people (i.e. me) think that the whole thing is broken, not merely less effective.

Less importantly, it would be nice if there was an
on-increase:your mind feels even faster!
for the "name:FASTCAST" entry in player_timed.txt since if you have regen you can afford to have the spell be on all the time, and it would be nice to know when the 10,000 turn limit has been reached. If you think that's too powerful, perhaps the turn limit could also be drastically reduced (say, 100 turns rather than 10,000).
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