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Rod of Curing

Why is this rod so expensive?
I think it completely useless.
Am I wrong?
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it's a good way for spellcasters to get out of a jam where they can't cast due to blind/confuse and poison/cut damage is nice to protect against with low hp chars.

So not completely useless, but situational.
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It's considerably more useful in Ironman mode, when !CCW is a rare commodity. Otherwise there's no reason to waste a slot on -Curing when you're already carrying a stack of !CCW.
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In non-ironman its an awesome 13000~ gold that doesn't weigh much
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Bad Tempered Geezer
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For me as a Mage it actually comes in use on occasion - especially to cure confusion (if my magic device skill is good enough for that) - or rather: used to come in use, before a Winged Horror destroyed me. I wish I knew beforehand that they were such nasty poison breathers
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Pete Mack
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But !CCW also cures cuts, stunning, and confusion, along with healing 25% of your wounds. And it doesn't have a fail rate or recharge time.

If you aren't playing ironman, Rods of Curing are worthless to carry. If you are playing Ironman, they can be extremely valuable.
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