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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
the correct answer is "ALWAYS wear a Ring of Strength".

I know, the damage's already done, but dropping STR is much worse than any other stat debuff. Not only it lowers your blows, attack chance, and damage, but it also affects your speed. DEX does not, it just lowers your attack chance and blows, well it affects your AC but to an unnoticeable extent.

So wear a ring of strength. (makes digging easier too!)
Only if you have selling turned on, IMO. Most of the time I get more benefit from something else in that ring slot. For example, right now my blackguard is getting more use from a ring of Cold than he would a ring of Strength.
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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
eh, a caster can probably profit from 2x ring of INT, but a lot of the time (i play with selling enabled) i find myself carrying 1x INT and 1x STR, just so i can carry stuff. OR, 1x INT and 1x Escaping.

priests dont have rings of WIS.

all the other "caster classes" are also melee classes - ranger, rogue, paladin.
With mages i usually go with 2 mouse rings unless some nice int ring comes up early. I don't mind -1 speed until stat gain depth, those +2 or 3 stealth points per slot have more value for me.
But these choices also depend on playing style, i prefer keeping monsters at range (not only with mages).
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