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Originally Posted by Seany C View Post
Thanks, team - funnily enough, I had no bother opening it the next evening (without any modifications at all).
One more query - what version of Z would people recommend? I didn't much enjoy the new Z with different dungeon types when I tried it a while back but to be fair, I didn't give it much of a chance...


I recommend 240. Only because I programmed the borg to work with that version. Ooo that was a long, long task. It took at least 200 hours of programming and playtesting.
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OK, after mucking around a bit in h-system.h I was able to get 2.1.1c to compile with gcc 3.3 using both gcu and xaw. The problem is that I can't figure out how to limit the number of windows opened when I start it with -mxaw (-- -n1 doesn't do anything) and shift + direction doesn't work to run in gcu.

Any suggestions on how to fix either of these? Using just X11 makes no difference.

2.2.8 compiled without any source edits but has the same problems.
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