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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
p) The javelin of Eolinos (4d7) (+7,+8)
This randart activates for banishment. The description states that it takes 500 turns to recharge. I can't be certain, because I didn't keep track of the turn count, but it seems that it is not recharging. It's in my quiver, the only place it can be wielded.

OK, I estimate 1000's of turns have passed and still no recharge, must be a bug. Savefile attached.
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ack, just when I think I've got a release with no major bugs..

I had to look at this a while before figuring out why it wouldn't recharge, and finally realized I did something stupid in the recharge_objects function which can keep any activatable armor from recharging as well as anything in the quiver. If you have any light source equiped which doesn't activate, then nothing after the light source slot in the equipment will recharge. At least now that I've realized what's wrong, it's an easy fix. I guess I'll post another update soon.
In the meantime, you can unwield your light source (or find the phial) to let it recharge.

I guess this a lot of times this wouldn't be noticable because often you've found the phial by the time you find activatable armor or an activatable artifact which goes in the quiver.
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