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Big Al
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Originally Posted by Lebannen View Post
You could try contacting this guy (email at bottom of the page) - he looked like he worked at DEC with Dave and [used to?] play Dungeons and Dragons weekly with him...
I'll give it a try, thanks!
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Wow, I got it downloaded and was able to run it once (XP Home on this machine). The download contains an info file to get past the security question too.

I died pretty quick and accidentally exited, and now cant get it to run again, but i am still pretty excited. I am sure I will figure it out.
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The DEC version would be so much cooler though
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Donald Jonker
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I just gave Mission Thunderbolt from the spanish site on winXP a spin myself. Very cool stuff. Has ZangbandTk-ish interface. Not sure if it's enough to distract me from the new vanilla right now, but very cool.
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I've played the DEC VMS and PC versions

I found this discussion via some Google searching.

I worked at DEC for 18 years and was a veteran "Doomsday 2000" player for a long time!

I have the DEC VMS version "doom.exe" on my MicroVax here at home, but it hasn't been powered up for about 6 years... I need to drag it out and see if it still works and maybe I can copy the game from it.

I used a DEC VT200/VT300 series terminal that had the downloadable fonts so that you got the little stick figure as the player and the various monsters/foes/robots, etc.

I have many happy memories of playing the VMS version!

Around 10 years ago (I think) I actually ordered the PC version from the vendor, and it arrived as a set of 3.5 inch floppy disks. I no longer have the disks, but am trying to download via the Spanish site given here - I have not played it for 6 or 7 years on the PC.

You can see an old archive of the vendor page that used to sell the game.
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