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Favorite keyboards?

Anyone have any preferred keyboards they would recommend?

For years I've been using my favorite-ever keyboard, an IBM KB-8923. I love this keyboard. Unfortunately, it uses a PS2 connector, and it has one quirk that's only a problem when I play Angband.

Being a PS2-based keyboard, I'm using a PS2-->USB adapter, since no modern systems ship with PS2 ports, and either the adaptor or the driver (I'm running Ubuntu) has a quirk in which occasionally the last keypress will suddenly be re-transmitted repeatedly until I hit another key. (EDIT: Actually, it will only repeat the last keystroke if things are timed just right. More often the keyboard will momentarily stop responding to input.)

If I'm composing an email or something, this isn't a problem, or even noticeable (usually.) It becomes a much bigger problem if I'm in melee with something unpleasant and my keyboard suddenly transmits my last keystroke 20 times. I'm not certain that this has led me to seeing a tombstone in the past, but I'd be willing to bet money on it. Usually it manifests with me suddenly running down a corridor when I meant to take a single step, or something similarly innocuous.

Moreover, I accidentally spilled water on my spare KB-8923 a few months ago and I didn't realize it until the water sat overnight and totally destroyed it, so I'm not sure whether to grab another while they're still in existence, or just move to something else.

I'm thinking I'll buy & try another PS2-->USB adapter to see whether the quirk continues, but if that doesn't work I might as well see what other Angband-delvers like.

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Corsair K70.
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I've had happy hackers since forever, and I'm still waiting to find something I like more.
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been on an hp pavillion laptop keyboard for last 4years

its pretty ok

Reality hits you -more-

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