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Upgrading to 3.0.9

Hi, I've played Angband for a while off and on for years. Never get that far...I think I had a ZAngband character up in the low 40s. I have a few characters that I had from 3.06 that I played occassionally. I would periodically check the old official Angband homepage and see there was never a new version. Then I just recently did some google searches and found that it has actually been updated and has a new maintainer!

I looked at the changes.txt file and could not find where it talked about upgrading an old character. I also had a ton of macros setup for them. (I basically set it up so that I could use primarily the numeric keypad for everything, so I could do things quicker) Are these as simple as copy the files into the new 3.0.9 folder and running it?

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Try it and find out, the macro files should work fine I think, not 100% sure about the actual savefile, just make sure your gameplay options are set the way you like them, they become birth options.
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