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Poschengband 4.0.2 Museums

I'm not sure I understand the purpose of a museum. Is it just a place to put old artifacts so you can still look at them, or is there a deeper significance?

[Great job, chris. PosCheng is all I play now. Keep up the good work.]

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Yeah pretty much stuff that you don't want to delete but don't want cluttering your house. Sometimes I put things like cute artifacts, or the joke items, or "a magical figurine of a statue of a chest mimic mimic." And nice statues, too, such as a Golden Statue of Zeus, King of Olympus or whatever.

I've heard there are some people who pick up every slime mold they find, name it with an {inscription, and put it in the museum.

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I put all the statues of uniques that I bring back with me in there.
Also comically bad artifacts.
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IDEA: Museum should reward you for collecting sets of items or statues
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I play with the no-selling option in mpa-pcb, so I drop all the artifacts I'm not going to use/reforge in there. Plus every statue and figurine I can find.
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