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Downloading Variants(TOME and Zangband Specifically)

So, I admit I haven't actually played any of the Angband variants in a WHILE, and while it's really nice to see this forum still active in the year 2016, I do notice that the site I used to go to to download variants(Thangordrim) has links that all 404 to download TOMEband and Zangband. Is there somewhere else/in particular I should be looking for them? I checked Rephial but they're the same links that lead to nothing and I can't help but feel it's somewhere I'm just not looking properly :I
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Assuming you're talking about ToME 2.x, you can download an unmodified copy of the ToME 2.3.5 source from GitHub. (Use the "Clone or Download" button.)

(Just beware that if you're compiling for 64-bit that there are some quite severe bugs -- you may want to snag one of the slightly later 2.3.x-ah versions or to go though the commit log and cherry-pick the fixes.)
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If you are after source, the Angband variant repository has all known source for all known variants.

If you are after compiled, ready to play versions, I recommend the Zaimoni Angband variant mirror.
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Also of note, if you like Zangband, you may like PosChengband, a currently maintained descendant of it (and some other variants wrapped in as well)
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