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Originally Posted by jevansau View Post

I encountered a level - I think a pristine wilderness with a player ghost zombie challenge, where it would repeatedly crash. i didn't quite manage to figure out the cause, and unfortunately I forgot to take a copy before I found a way off the level. I did see some 'nothing' terrain types nearby, but it seemed that entering combat caused an immediate crash.
Probably a separate issue, but I get crashes when Windows is low on memory.

Enjoying the playstyle, but finding the new interface takes some time to get used to.

I also just had a crash when inscribing some ammunition with @0. I did have 2 stacks of the same ammunition in my quiver.
Thank you. I found the cause of the 'nothing' terrain types yesterday, and you are correct that was causing the crash due to divide-by-zero errors. NPP 8.0.1 will be out shortly. I will look at ammo inscription first.
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