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Originally Posted by locus View Post
Referring to bron, who can't understand why people recommend the Artistry start.
Well, I am dying a lot, which is par for the course on a RL, so I'm at least average.

The usual way of learning the game is just to do a standard melee/evasion sort of build though.
I played/succumbed to a few games with a smash and grab build, but now I want to do something with a little more finesse.

Since I'm looking towards the Finarfin house, I'm tempted to ignore smithing completely. Looking at the xp cost for just the basics, I think I have more important uses for that xp. It kind of kills me a little to let all those forges go to waste, though. Still, even if I were to put those smithing points in Song, it would probably take me farther.
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Originally Posted by Kneller View Post
I want to do something with a little more finesse.
There are many ways to build your char in Sil. So go for it. I just would not be too rigid about it too early and try to be everything at start. You will earn more experience later and it is possible to develop a certain ability of your char later in the game. So you can play an assassin without much fighting for the first 500 ft. and only then start to murder things or you can play a light weapon fighter for the first 500 ft. and only then increase stealth to morph into an assassin. One of the best archers in the ladder started with a bit of melee and charge for early game power and only increased archery afterwards. I have made 0 strength fencers that started with a heavy glaive (from the forge) until they had sufficient skills to switch to the almighty shortsword ...

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Re. passing in stealth mode: Yes, you get +7 rather than +5. You also pass at normal speed -- so the monsters don't get extra turns. This is to stop people switching out of stealth mode just when they want to pass, which might otherwise be optimal play but is annoying.
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