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Smile [FAngband] The story of Primula, Longbeard Warrior

Here goes the story of Primula, the brave Longbeard warrior.

First son of his family, his parents decided to name him Primula, for he was the first and only child. On his shoulders rested all the hopes of fortune and glory his family had. He was raised in expectation of him becoming a great hero that would, some day, bring wealth to his beloved family.

So, one day, the brave Primula, left his parents, and went to explore middle-earth. He traversed swamps, mountains and plains alike, and fought many dangers. But he was not satisfied, but all this was too easy. A bandit he fought on the road to the north wore a robe of permanence, which he decided to use for himself. While not the best equipment for a warrior, that robe had something to it. A sense of invulnerability was upon Primula, as he could fight all kind of dangerous creatures, and was always ready to fight again the next morning. No disease could touch him, and even the four basic elements could hardly graze him.

This was with this optimistic mood that he stumbled upon the entrance of an underground maze, called Amon Rudh. The locals told him many scary stories, of riches and dangers lying in that cave. At the bottom, at an unknown depth, was a evil villain, that terrified the region. Primula, at last, had found his noble quest! Slaying this incarnation of evil would free the locals, and would bring fame upon his name. That leader was called "Mim, betrayer of Turin". Primula swore to slain this betrayer (of whoever), and bring peace to the region. If he could find some riches in the process, all the better.

So, happily, he went. Near the surface, danger was non-existent, as Primula was now a hardened warrior, for a spent quite a long time on the roads, looking for a suitable quest for him, and he hadalready fought many battles. Some marchands in town had sold him a scroll of recall, which he could use to go back to town, to sell his findings, and buy new equipment. This device was a godsend for Primula, as this allowed him to sell magic equipment he found, for good amounts of money. Riches were coming along already. During such a trip to town, he was warned by a merchand, that some adventurers had lost their lives already in that underground maze. The merchand mentionned creatures that could paralyze someone, simply by looking at him. The poor victim was then helpless, forced to look at his death, without being able to move a finger. Fortunately, it was also said that those creatures inhabited the depths of the cave, and almost never went near the surface.

Primula was brave, but did not want to meet an early end. He then decided to hang around shallow depths, so he could find a way to find against those paralysing monsters. That he did, and soon grew bored of killing petty creatures. His weapon was hardly excellent, but he now knew all sorts of tactics, and knew how to use scrolls, potions, wands, and his bow. Danger was low, but he knew how easy a mistake is, so he did not want to stay for too long, and wanted to move on as fast as possible. At last, his wait yielded a result. From a dead orc, he took a ring, which was identified as a ring of free action. Thanks to that device, paralysing gaze was no longer a threat.

Merchands also mentionned invisible creatures. Indeed, he had encountered such beings before, but they were puny, and were easily dispatched. Those were said to grow stronger and more numerous the lower he went, but Primula decided to dive anyway. Armed with scrolls of detect invisible, he figured he could handle the threat.

So, down he went. Carefully at first, then faster as he met no real threat. He grew more and more confident, even though he was unlucky and never found better equipment. At last, he came to the bottom of the cave. As stealthily as possible, he went down the stairs, and saw his prey, Mim, nearby! He decided to try to assault him, even though he had no idea of the strenght of that guy. But Primula was confident in his own skills. With his bow he shot, which hardly did anything to Mim. In retaliation, he cast a spell, which badly injured Primula. Seing that, he decided to back up into the corridor, gulp a couple of potions, and wait for him to come at sword range.
Primula was hard to kill, but so was Mim. The battle went on, and, as Mim was half-dead already, Primula was in great difficulty, and he knewhe could not win the battle this time. He would have to teleport away, and better chose where and how to fight.

So, he teleported. Far away in the maze, he could rest a bit. Before long, foes appeared. Apparently, he teleported near a giant camp! There were tens of giants in here, all wanting to kill him. Fortunately, Primula was in better shape already, so he quickly dispatched a few of them. But the giants were so numerous, that he soon grew tired again, so he had to teleport away, again.

Now would have been a good time to leave the cave. Too many threats at a time are never good for an adventurer, as odds can quickly be against him. However, Primula never faced such a threat in his life, and was over-confident from his previous experiences. So he decided to heal, and go back to his fight.

Soon, giants found him. There he fought, bravely killing more. But the more he killed, the more came. As he was more injured than ever, he decided to teleport at short range, "just to drink a healing potion or two". Alas! Primula phased directly inside the giants camp. Without being given another chance, giants charged on him from all sides, and ended his life.

This was the end of Primula, the Longbeard dwarf warrior. Let this story be a warning to all adventurers. Be careful. It is better to leave a battle and try again the next day, than to die trying.


Thanks for reading.

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Those Primulas don't half get around...
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Originally Posted by Remuz View Post
Soon, giants found him. There he fought, bravely killing more. But the more he killed, the more came. As he was more injured than ever, he decided to teleport at short range, "just to drink a healing potion or two". Alas! Primula phased directly inside the giants camp. Without being given another chance, giants charged on him from all sides, and ended his life.
Yes, phasing from next to a pit will always land you inside it ...
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