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Class/magic: non-casters and hybrids

So far the feature/magic branch has defined 4 realms and corresponding pure casters:
|  Realm  |    Caster    |
| arcane  | mage         |
| divine  | priest       |
| nature  | druid        |
| shadow  | necromancer  |
Assuming for the moment that this is roughly OK, the next question is: What other classes do we have?

The situation is currently:
  • Warrior: no spells, the only design choices are stat bonuses, skills and intrinsics (like PFear at level 30).
  • Paladin: Most of the priest spells (at a 5% fail rate) plus good fighting
  • Rogue: Pretty much all the mage spells except direct attacks, non-fuzzy object detection, great stealth, decent fighting
  • Ranger: Nearly as many spells as the mage (different selection), great archery (extra shots at level 20 and 40), OK fighting and stealth

Given that the realms and pure casters have been done from a framework allegedly rooted in Middle Earth, I've tried to re-think these from that perspective, with archetypical examples. Here's what I've come up with so far:

Warrior: Almost or completely unchanged. Examples - Boromir, Turin, Hurin.

Paladin: Basically a fighter, but with knowledge and support from the Valar. Would get combat buffs and healing, but not divine attack spells (no OoD!). Examples - Aragorn (in some aspects), Finrod.

Rogue/Thief: Fairly similar to current, stealthy and tricksy. A selection of arcane spells, and the ability to steal from monsters. Examples - Bilbo, Beren (maybe).

Ranger: This has always been a bit of an odd class; this suggestion is a re-thought Middle Earth ranger. Good stealth, ability to trick monsters, good use of the environment, goodish archery, decent fighting. Spells from the nature realm. Examples - Faramir and his people, Aragorn (in some aspects).

Archer: This takes the excellent archery from the old ranger class, and also the weaker melee fighting. Possibly no spells, or possibly a few utilities, from one of the non-shadow realms. Examples - Legolas, Beleg.

Assassin/Brigand: Treacherous, stealthy, tries to finish fights unfairly and quickly or runs away. Excellent stealth, good fighting against the unaware, some shadow spells. Examples - Wormtongue, Ulfang.

This is obviously work in progress, but I thought I'd get it out there for comment, and to aid my own thinking. I think there are likely other classes that would arise with a little thought (for example, I'd like to capture the elven smiths like Feanor and Celebrimbor in some way).

All opinions most welcome (some degree of constructiveness preferred...).
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