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Trying out this whole "dive" technique

Well, in immersing myself the last few days in the forum, I've been rather surprised by the number of people who subscribe to the use of "diving" rather than slow and steady progress (the method I tend to use to play).

That said, I haven't even had a moderately successful game in months, so I figured it might be time to try something else.

Normally I tend to play either human/half-elf mages or dwarf priests. I occasionally try other combinations but ultimately I tend to suicide them before they get too far. In any case, I tried this again last night with the following plan:

Purchase my usual kit - but replace a few of the more expensive items so that I can pick up a few potions/scrolls (something I would never have done previously).

My usual kit for a wizard is as follows: 2nd mage book, soft armor, shield, hat, boots, cloak, lantern (or extra torches with the latest version), shovel and if money permitted up to a trident for weapon (something up to 1d8 damage rather than sticking with the 1d4 dagger). However, since lanterns are no longer available in the general store - I cut that out and the shovel and replaced then with 1-2 potions of Cure Light/serious wounds and 3 scrolls of phase door.

I know it seems to be recommended that the armor is unimportant - but I did try that a few times last night and met an early end each time. Might have been coincidence - but at the same time, might as well spend the money on something.

Each "successful" dive I did managed to get to DL5-6 and ended up with a CL11-13 or so. I know for certain I could dive faster, but I found that I am so accustomed to exploring each level, that I actually didn't even notice stairs as I passed them by. I got better about this by the end of the night, but that's the primary reason I was going slow.

Each of my wizards did meet an untimely demise - 2 from running into Mughash and his cronies and once from being surrounded by hill orcs. This second one, I didn't have the second book (it wasn't in the shop), and when I did a phase door, I landed next to a floating eye, who paralyzed me and well, I got brutalized from there...

Some of the times, I had enough money for a bow and some arrows - sometimes I did not. I seemed to be more successful with the bow though - so despite never using a ranged weapon before, I think I'll continue with one.

I also did a couple of "successful" dives with my dwarven priests - again picking up the 2nd book in town, a moderate amount of armor (basically the same as the wizard), a ?WoR and ?phase door.

Here I found the ranged weapon absolutely necessary for the priest. I am so accustomed to magic missile that I even went so far as to cast detect evil on multiple occasions at my opponents and to my horror - they never took damage... Go figure.

Anyway - with a sling (can a priest use a bow/crossbow? never bothered to try it) I found I was pretty successful.

Got a couple of instances of good luck - robe of resistance on DL3 and a sling of extra might from Farmer Maggot on one occasion, but it was all for nought as all of my incarnations died last night.

I figured getting the dive down right would help me if I decide to make a run for the competition - but with how its going so far - I'm not certain I'll do well.

My biggest challenge right now is learning to run away - something I am simply not accustomed to doing.
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