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YAWP, [V] 3.2.0 Dwarf Paladin, randarts

First [V] character in several years. Stat gain was the most dangerous part of the game, but I found some BoS +8 from an ogre mage at 1350'. Much later (4950' time) I sold those to buy some from store with better AC.

Played with all randarts; while this helped me collect immunities, the weapons were generally pretty bad and I ended up using the BoC of Slay Evil for most of the game to plug the chaos hole and do good damage at the same time. In general I was unimpressed with the randart generation. Immunities were nice, but otherwise, if an object was powerful enough to be useful it also had aggravate which I did not want. Good ego items were more useful instead. In particular, DSM ego armors and the shields of elvenkind or preservation.

I didn't fire a single arrow or bolt the entire game, as is my preferred playstyle.

Suggestions for V:

1. Make the home larger. After playing with variants that allow for much larger homes, the limited amount is really annoying. It's "not fun".

2. regarding auto-squelch and DSMs, the DSMs either need their own category (not 'body armor') or need to pseudo as excellent by default. I wanted to squelch all 'good' body armors by quality, but that would squelch balance DSM, etc. very bad. Otherwise the new squelch system is good.

3. Having not played V in years, the anti-junk-generation effort in the loot code has been successful. It was a nice change. Also good to see some monsters and ego items from variants.

4. The new vaults and seemingly more frequent vault generation was also good. I noticed that pits often had stuff on the floors, which is a good incentive to clear them, but let's face it -- I still never went near a graveyard.

5. Windows port is slightly buggy, in that I couldn't seem to save my macros (on page down key if that matters) to my pref no matter how many times I tried (so I had to redo it every time I opened the game), and sometimes the game would give a system bell sound when a monster did a lot of damage/ many -more- prompts, even though I had sounds turned off.

6. I scum the black market a lot for potions and whatever else that shows up. It seems that speed items are not that expensive anymore -- BoS +8 only cost me 110k gold. DSMs were cheap too. Prices in general may need revisiting.

That all said, the current [V] was quite enjoyable and is quite a good version. I look forward to 3.2.x or 3.3.0. Please keep releasing versions on a regular basis!
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