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Pete Mack
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Ego weapons you always wanted to find...

In my second winner ever, a Dwarf Paladin, I found a Mace of Disruption (Holy Avenger) (+21 damage). Ever since then I've been keeping an eye out for something similar. I played a few minutes tonight, scumming dl 99 with my old standby, the Kobold Rogue, and lo and behold:

a) a Mace of Disruption of Fury (5d8) (+18,+20) (+2)
(Lying on the floor at 4950 feet)

Combat info:
7 blows/round.
Average damage/round: 144.8 vs. undead, and 88.1 vs. others.

That's 616 dam/turn against ordinary monsters; 1036 against undead. If I swap out Narya/Nenya for a Ring of Acid, I'll be doing 900+ dam/turn against Sauron. A hell of a step up from my previous best weapon, the good but not great Gurthang... No need to worry about aggravation from the Palantir anymore, though with Heroic stealth, I think I will continue to go with a swap.
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I've found even better!
In MAngband (multiplayer angband), I found A MoD of Fury (+23,+27)(+2). I named it 'Turin's Wet Dream' (long story).

I traded it with someone, who then killed morgoth as a mage in mele in real time with only heal potions (tougher than it sounds).
His king post can be found here
And his retire dump here

I also knew someone who had a warrior's true dream (so they don't lose a bpr) A Blade of Chaos of Fury (+17,+29)(+2)

He was another mage who decided to take morgoth in mele.
However, he got unlucky, and didn't get to king, even though he had god gear (+37 speed hasted, and +97 todamage)
His dump can be seen here
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My current warrior used a blade of chaos of slay evil (+16 damage) for a while, along with an elemental ring, till I found a scythe of slithing randart with slay evil, lightning branded and a couple extras.

For a paladin, a well enchanted HA mace of disruption is hard to beat; I dont think I ever had a randart that I wouldnt have swapped for one of those, even before branding by ring was possible.

I think warriors should be able to get 6 attacks with the best weapon type - mace of disruption. If one finds a _really_ good weapon, he wishes hed be a paladin :/

IIrc, of the "big 3" weapon types only boc can yield 6 attacks, while mod and sos are limited to 5.

On a sidenote: the abovementioned warrior also found a randart boc which was lighter. It would have escaped me if inspection hadnt shown 5 attacks with the ego and 6 with the artifact. I wasnt aware that the same weapon type can come with different weights, is this a possible property of random artifacts ?
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Pete Mack
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Pete Mack will become famous soon enough
I haven't had a character like this in a long time. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to walk over higher uniques. (Not to mention Nightwalkers, Greater Titans, a room full of white 'D', Great Wyrms of Many Colors, etc.) Here's a screenshot from my current trip to dl 99.

EDIT: and yes I did kill Sauron at turn 666066--just 600 game turns (60 dungeon turns) too early...
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I always wanted to find the legendary Golden Forks of Triumph... sure, they're not all that impressive looking individually, I hear there's one that gives you a bonus to spell-power, one that grants "sustain wisdom", and one that grants "resist fear"... and when you put them all together, they're supposed to hold the power of the gods!

Or maybe I should stop listening to that stupid talking fish... :P
You read the scroll labeled NOBIMUS UPSCOTI...
You are surrounded by a stasis field!
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I'm not sure what the ultimate ego weapon would be. But I know that I find a really good ego weapon in most games. I mean- you're far more likely to find a good SoS or BoC or MoD than you are to find one of the good artifact weapons.

So I'm generally pretty happy if I find a branded instance of any of those, if the +ses are good. If the brand is acid or evil I'm really happy. If you're getting stats, etc. from other parts of the kit those big dice ego weapons are potentially really good- and they pop up all over. I play pretty fast, so I don't tend to find Aule much. But I almost always find some big dice ego weapon that you could use to kill M if you had enough resources. People underestimate the importance of those big-dice weapons, I think.
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