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please, no rage

sorry for this topic, but i think its necessary

ive been afk from this forum for about 2 weeks

but i think ill just say now wat ive been meaning to say since i joined~


please, no rage, lol , lol , lol lol ~ this is the BEST game ever made,

how can u people be raging so much?

this game has been good for about a million versions and IMO its only getting worse, please all u lozers who are raged, just play the thing, its good

if u get slain, start again, if u want help , lol look that up~

thanks, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, lol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

sorry for this post , but i think u all know wat i mean

about 100% of anyone ive seen say anything on here has been raging, and i know i am too so please no rage there,

thanks all especially the devs,

dont try *TOO* hard, and please, no rage~ and keep up the great work,

thanks, urs very truly and for real~ dos350

Reality hits you -more-

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Originally Posted by dos350 View Post
please, no rage, lol , lol , lol lol
This much rage!

Ironband -
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