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Telepathy coming out of the woodwork...

Okay - having some dilemma trying to figure out the best option to work with. I have Theoden and have been using it for a while but the damage from it is not awe-inspiring. On the other hand - I have found a cloak of the magi with telepathy (but would lose Acid Immunity from my current cloak) and a helm of telepathy (but would lose Detection activation from my current helm). I just sold a scythe of slicing of westernesse that would give me 100+ dmg per hit against a vulnerable opponent and several other artifacts that are decent damage dealers too.


Here is the dump.
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Personally, I find the +4 DEX/Stealth on your current cloak more interesting than the acid immunity. Acid immunity is the least valuable immunity in the game, because it's the only damage source that can be triple-resisted -- normal resistance, temporary resistance, and a 50% reduction when it tries to damage armor (regardless of whether or not it succeeds, and if you have armor in every slot then it always will try). Note that only one of your pieces of armor is vulnerable to acid damage.

The detection activation on Holhenneth is not a huge deal. You can replicate its most important features (monster / trap detection) via other means. It'd be my choice of item to jettison in favor of telepathy at this point. Just realize that you'd also be losing protection from blindness, so carry potions of Cure Critical Wounds and a staff of Teleport in case you get in a bind. That done, you can switch out Theoden for Aeglos.

Speaking of which, your inventory is very empty. I'd recommend adding to it:
* 15 scrolls of Phase Door (easier and more reliable than your spell)
* 15 potions of Cure Critical Wounds
* Another Rod of Recall (in case you need to get out of a level as soon as you recall; it does happen) (or just bring down 5x scrolls of Word of Recall; the rods aren't all that amazing frankly)
* At least one potion of Healing -- you never know when you'll be at low hitpoints with teleporting being too risky to contemplate.

Also consider wearing Wormtongue; its penalties are negligible and I think the +2 speed you get with your current boots isn't worth missing out on the DEX/INT/Stealth that Wormtongue gives -- those are all useful to you.
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Actually - if I switch out Theoden for Aeglos - I won't be needing that +4 to dex from the cloak - I'll still be at 18/210 for dex - which is plenty for 5 attacks per round.

One thing I didn't really consider was the lower amount of CON I'd get. I've been very aware of my HP lately (since the last two I've had were max-hp kills from major breath weapons), though I've been good about avoiding what I don't think I can kill in my sleep.

Thanks for the pointers - couldn't see the forest for the trees it seems.

Oh - as far as the missing potions - I do normally carry some !CCW - I dropped them in order to pick up an extra equipment right before I came up to the surface. Just haven't grabbed more from the store yet. I don't normally carry the scrolls of phase door as if I need it in a pinch, I want something more potent and I haven't had a problem that I've needed to get away that badly yet. I do make bad decisions though - so I'll add them back in.
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