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I've been playing this game for over 15 years. Started with Rogue, then Moria and (Z)angband.
Vanilla was and is my favorite. The first years I save-scummed a lot. Then I got into the game. Digging up all kind of resources on the internet and by experience about weapon damages, when do I get an extra swing (STR/DEX tabels), what resistence do I need from what level onwards, and so on. This knowledge played a crucial part in being able to win this game with no savescum abuse. My first Mage-win is still, 10 years later, a highlight in my gamehistory. That year I also won with a Priest and a Ranger.
After that I'm trying to win the game with a warrior, but I never got close again. Basically because my knowledge of the game mechanics has weakenen. The game has changed, and I forgot some things. That's why I allways die a stupid death. Going too deep, too soon. And things like that.
Does that make me sad?
No, I like death. It gives me the change to start again, and rejoice killing Wormtongue (again), finding the Phial (again) and every other good thing this game has to offer.
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