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FrogComposband new player - Weapon Proficiency Questions

Lately I've felt Vanilla was a little too vanilla, so I'm trying FrogComposband on So far I love it. For example the way a Paladin can specialize in different realms of magic seems so much richer than Vanilla, especially with the more austere spells available in 4.2.

My question is, for a melee-class like a Warrior or Paladin, how significant are weapon choices to become proficient in in the early game? I'm used to NetHack where it's a big deal, but it doesn't seem nearly as important in this game as far as I can tell. If I find a good early weapon, do I need to think strategically about later weapon choices before I start spending time and gaining proficiency with that weapon? Does gaining early proficiency in a weapon limit your ability to gain proficiency later in different weapons (for example is there a limit on how many weapons you can become proficient in)?

Am I correct in thinking that in Frog, switching to a different type of weapon and "wasting" the time spent improving proficiency in the prior weapon type isn't as big a deal as in NetHack?

And last question, what's the advice on dual wielding? Is it like NetHack in that you should wait until you have a high degree of mastery of the individual weapons before dual wielding? And if you wield two dissimilar weapons at once, are you simultaneously training in both weapon types and in dual wielding, i.e. training 3 different proficiencies?
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