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Donating to Angband

Hej hej!

A few people have contacted me privately whilst I've been maintainer asking for ways to contribute monetarily to Angband and I've been thinking about how to let people do that, given no individual developer can really claim any ownership over the game as a whole. Obviously people can donate to and I encourage them to do that, but people apparently want to give money to Angband itself in some way.

It seems like the most reasonable thing to do is to allow people to give money toward server costs for and, since the box that hosts them is currently paid for by me and ajps out of our pockets. Now, we use that box for other stuff too, like our mail and other assorted sites, but I'm hoping that isn't a problem, since the highest-bandwidth things in there is Angband by far. The cost is currently $20/month; I honestly wouldn't expect donations to reach that level.

I'd publish accounts of donations on the website too, along with the donor's name if they wanted that published.

Before I implement any of this, I'd like to make sure the community is OK with it, and in particular other active developers who have been pretty instrumental in making the modern game what it is. If anyone has any better ideas on how to let people contribute money, go for it.

So, comments on a postcard, please.
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