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Max Blows

Hey, I'm having a bit of trouble working out why I'm not getting 8 blows with the following set-up

Human Warrior, level 38, wielding
A Flail of Extra Attacks (3d6) (+8, +14) (+2) 15.0lb
18/205 STR, and 18/120 DEX.

I looked up the Attacks Spo, and according to it, my SWI is 11+ (205/15), and therefore I should be getting 6 extra blows at 18/120 dex. But I must only be getting 5, as the +2 is bringing me to 7. Unless 7 is an artificial cap?

Any help would be appreciated

EDIT: Bloody hell - this is a lucky game (I mean, I think that weapon I mentioned above is rather good). Just after I posted that, went down a level, got an 'Excellent' feeling, and found one small vault. Cleared the level, thought 'Meh, not really worth the Excellent' and activated my rod of recall. Walked a few steps, and just before I vanished, I realised there was a Small Metal Shield in the room below me that I hadn't been in yet. Went in, and yep - It was Thorin! At 2500ft! Nicely replacing my +10 Shield of Deflection that I've had for the last 2000 levels. And to think I almost missed it... Eep.
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