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Pete Mack
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Originally Posted by Estie View Post
Tome is actually worse than vanilla in this regard; first off, daggers and swords share the same proficiency. Inside it the unintuitive vanilla rules still apply. Second the @ that deals melee damage not only uses daggers like in V, they use the exact same dagger every game (Maedhros). In V with standarts there is at least a chance that you dont find an early *thanc before you move on to something bigger; Maedhros is guaranteed, its the best option early on regardless of what mastery you'll eventually pick.
Yeah that's a problem. You need to separate daggers and swords. ADOM does that.
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Here's an utterly insane thought about combat: make your damage die (and swings) dependent only class and stats rather than weapon. So mages do 1d4, hybrids 1d6, warriors 1d8 base. Warriors gain swings fastest, mages slowest.

Weapon types only matter because of their properties (which honestly isn't that far from how Angband already works past the early game. You could make Anduril a mace, and it wouldn't affect gameplay one bit).

Daggers have a chance of slowing the target. Maces have a chance of reducing enemy AC, polearms do double damage to enemies who just moved (towards you? Not sure how implementable that would be). Axes do one swing to a number of adjacent enemies equal to your blow count. Mauls have a chance of stunning the target.

If you really wanted to be crazy, you could even remove weapon damage enchantments, and maybe let classes' damage die go up as they gain levels.

So weapon is purely a choice of modifying how you fight, and the additional properties they give. "Better" weapons tend to be weapons with more properties. So a *thanc would be nice early on because they have a brand, but that's it. Meanwhile, Doomwrecker is a big deal because it's got a list of properties as long as your arm.

Of course something like this would probably be as big a lift as incorporating Sil-style combat...

But that's what makes the idea insane!
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Pete Mack
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