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Remembering subwindow positions

I'm getting weird behavior from my subwindows when I launch Angband (3.1.2v2, OSX 10.6.3). As near as I can pin it down:

* I launch Angband, and set up my subwindows the way I want them. I have two displays (primary: 1680x1050, secondary: 1920x1200), so I dedicate the first display to the main window, and put the monster recall, inventory/equip, monster list, and item list on the second display (which is located to the left of the first display).
* I relaunch Angband, and everything's fine except that the main display has been moved up so that its title bar is located underneath the menubar. I have to use Spaces to get a view that doesn't have the menubar so I can drag the main window down a bit.
* I relaunch Angband, and all of the subwindows have been moved onto the primary display.

I've determined that if, on the second launch, I take a moment to drag each of the subwindows around a bit, then the third launch's problem doesn't manifest. I assume there's something wrong with loading/saving window positions that causes windows which are untouched to somehow get their X positions wrong. Of course, that doesn't explain why the primary window is always loaded a few pixels too high up the screen.
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Pete Mack
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Hmmm, this sounds like a problem I fixed a quite a while ago.

A quick look at the source shows that the window rectangle "wr" member variable is no longer referenced anywhere. I don't have OSX anymore so I can't debug it, but it shouldn't be hard to track down the breaking change
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