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Originally Posted by Djabanete View Post
Early game is buying starting gear.
Mid game is playing your character.
Late game is looking at your tombstone.
Yes I agree. Personally, I tend to move through the mid game quite quickly and spend a bit more time on the end game. But YMMV.

You forgot the extended endgame, though - looking at the post-death character dump.


P.S. Also, Mean-Looking Mercenaries allow you to skip the mid game entirely. Quite a shortcut there.
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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
No, they don't. Paladins don't get the 1000HP heal, for example. I don't think they get Rune of Protection either, though it's been awhile since I played one.
Yeah, no 1000 pt heal, no rune of protection/glyph of warding thingie are the big ones, OoD is noticeably less powerful, spells are all considerably more expensive, and the biggest one: 5% minimum fail rate--this is a very big deal.

If I win with my current Pal I should try a priest--I know their fighting isn't as good, but the escapes are so much more reliable with the above, especially 0% fail.
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I got 4 stages, for my pure mage games:
early game: start, don't mind if I die here.
mid game : got firebolt over 10% chance.
late game : I can cast Taway and Haste reliably.
end game : after i found MB9
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end game is when ur fully uber and hold down slaughter key to dominate dragon area

but that idea of djbante is tru also , eee

Reality hits you -more-

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personally I've found my games to fit the following pattern.

dive/struggle to dlevel 30 or so. If I'm playing a warrior there's no struggle. If I'm playing a weaker class, like a mage, this is danger territory. I guess this is the early game.

Find 3-4 artifacts and good egos between 30 and 40, all the sudden I'm now strong enough to kill things at depth, so I dive, taking down stairs immediately after finding them. This would be the mid game. Problem is that just killing things on the way to the stairs nets items to make me super powerful. I physically can not dive fast enough to keep me in dangerous territory.

The endgame is after I got to 99 and am just picking up whatever gear I need to kill Morgoth. Sometimes I go unique hunting, sometimes I don't even bother. Lately I'm too lazy to bother and wind up killing Morgoth very soon after I've gotten to dlevel 99.
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