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Staff of Warding

This is probably my favorite staff for all around versatility and gameplay flavor. I'm curious what the limitations on the warding glyph are... I imagine certain uniques like dragons and Throne room baddies could cross the glyph, right?

Meanwhile, here's a couple ways I love to use the staff of warding:

On charge/dodge characters... If I get up against a horde of people I can't defeat, I drop a ward in a long hallway then bounce back and forth.

If they start flanking you, move one space away from your current glyph then take another step and drop a second ward. Now you have a little protective bubble to bounce between and kill people at your leisure!!

Trapping annoying archer uniques!!
Pulled this off last night. I couldn't catch the Gatekeeper archer cat unique, so I led him into a smallish room then sealed the two exits. The long chase came to a gruesome end when he realized he could run no longer.

Glyphs of warding also factor into the procedural generation of this game... and I think that is SUPER COOL.

Last night I found a Ringrauko on floor 500' imprisoned by 9 ward glyphs. Who had done that??? So many questions, and only my trusty longsword to extract answers...

Share your Staff of Warding stories!
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