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Wands as always remain a low-mana option. IIRC Dragon's Flame/Frost wands can be pretty effective at this point, and they're not too hard to find. Drain Life is also good; Annihilation I would save for the endgame.
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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
CL 35-40 is a dry spell for mages. You need a lot of exp, and you don't have a lot of low-fail low-mana options. Seriously consider melee if your stats are maxed. Use rune and ice storm to block and stun the monster, then just whale away. I have killed a Horned Reaper this way, so it certainly works if you have a good weapon.
I'm playing an artifactless high elf mage so my stats are definitely lower than they normally would be. INT is maxxed and I've managed to get CON to 130 with my needed resists covered through Aman and Elvenkind items. I'm only at +6 speed from boots although the spell helps.

Basically I'm playing with a lot of detection and my early find of Kelek's means I can genocide most things and sneak around getting loot and picking my battles.
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