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Yes, I gave arrow keys as an example where macros were (and in other variants are) needed. There's also a cursor setting in the terminal which encodes numpad 1 and 7 differently, and angband 4 preffered a different setting than angband 3 here to run as expected (although either version could be used with either setting with some pref file editing).
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Originally Posted by Gwarl View Post
This is a curious thing on Variants which retain the original macro/keymap system will only accept macros and not keymaps for control sequences (such as arrow keys). V keymaps work fine with arrow keys.
It's not just a keymap/macro level thing - it's a more fundamental feature of modern V's input system that it recognises arrow keys as arrow keys (and page up/down as page up/down etc.) Before I rewrote the input system somewhere around 3.2, the game had no notion of arrow keys, there were just escape sequences that were mapped to numbers in the macro layer.
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