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Stairs placement

It seems to me that the placement of stairs in dungeons has changed a while ago (maybe since the new special room patterns have been introduced? Or since the new level generation algorithms such as the maze one?).

Stairs used to be mostly inside rooms (see e.g., like in Nethack; now I mostly find them at the end of short dead-end corridors or inside special rooms.

This makes it a bit more tedious to navigate the dungeon, at least for me. I used to roam around looking for spaces large enough to hold a room, and this would let me find both objects on the floor (which are still generated inside rooms) and stairs.

Now it feels like (1) searching for objects and searching for stairs are two very distinct and conflicting goals when navigating the dungeon, and (2) I have to explore the level more thoroughly if I look for stairs, checking every nook and cranny instead of ignoring corridors that are clearly not heading anywhere.

It's just a subtle change, but it makes the game more cumbersome to me.

Another problem is that sometimes all the down stairs in a level are generated inside the same special room, so one could navigate 3/4 of the level without finding a single one. They used to be spread more uniformly.

(Clearly I am referring to the case when @ has no access to detect stairs/mapping, which is often the case in the early game.)

It's just a very minor detail, but I thought I should raise the issue as feedback anyway. (The game is in great shape, anyway, and kudos to the devs.)
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