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Pete Mack
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Originally Posted by gglibertine View Post
I'm curious... what do the universal you think of a Helm of Seeing vs. a Helm of Telepathy? Telepathy definitely has its value, but despite what the spoiler files say, I'm not so sure I think it's better than Seeing, with its See Invisible and Resist Blindness.

I've been wearing Telepathy but I'm swapping it back out with Seeing, just to see how the next couple of levels go. I'll have to be more vigilant with Detect Monsters, but I'm betting I'll be happier with Seeing in the long run.

There is almost nothing dangerous that you can see with SI that you can't see with ESP. (Basically Q; for everything else a little infravision is enough.) You can carry seeing as a swap if you are concerned, but the ESP is much, much better.
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