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Originally Posted by Bandobras View Post
UnAngband plug : no instant teleport level there (it takes 2 turns IIRC) and soon no stair-scumming (semi-persistent levels). If you have any further ideas, let us know.
That's a step I guess. Still, a borg could run back out of the dungeon, or run upstairs and down a different stair.

I am wondering if there are ways to propel a player foward in the game for reasons other than the boredom of the player. The game basically rewards this boring risk-avoidance playstyle. The reward for taking risks is advancing faster (and being less bored), but you aren't better off in the end than the boring guy. (I suppose the endgame is always interesting, but I never get there so I wouldn't know).

The game is capable of creating tactically interesting situations, but only if it's a challenge relative to your level, and you don't always just run away. But in Angband you almost always have that escape once you have learned to stock the requisite items. So really why ever risk death? "Run away early and often!" teaches Angband, if you don't want to lose that hard-earned character.

Yet players never want to die feeling like their death was out of their hands.

Sangband's scoring as I mentioned solves it in a way; you get less score for defeating the uniques if you are more powerful, and they are "uniques" so by the end your playstyle affects your score. This doesn't really translate to other Angbands though where you don't control your advancement.

I'm not saying this to be mean to the Borg, but expressly designing the game to be harder for the Borg might make for a better game. Stair scumming is one. Scumming in general... farming stuff at *no risk* to (eventually) get useful items is another. I don't have any quick answers here.
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And yet, good players can play aggresively and beat the game in three days of real time. It's not like the game forces you to play overcautionosly. Just the majority of us, ie. poor players, have no other choice.
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Originally Posted by tigen View Post
I am wondering if there are ways to propel a player foward in the game for reasons other than the boredom of the player.

ADOM,, has a system like this. The world is being corrupted, so you need to hurry and beat the game or you start mutating, sometimes for better, often for worse.
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