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Angband bleeding into RL stories

Ah, the dangers of Angband! I'm asking for stories where Angband has caused you some kind of harm in real life... physical, mental, etc... for the amusement factor, or just for the hell of it. For example,

~ I once played FAangband so much, that my eyes hurt for a week due to strain, and I still continued playing.

~ I'm now significantly more paranoid than I was when I started playing a lot back in '99, can instantly see the worst possible scenario in any real life situation, drive 20mph slower and now take anti-anxiety medicine.

~ All other games are now ruined for me. For example, if I lose just one life at Super Mario Brothers I don't consider it a true win. I just lost my first "Astral Projection Layer" in Psychonauts and am seriously depressed even though I have like, 7 or 8 more.

My wife and I got to talking about Angband while we were driving out in the country, and came up with some amusing warning labels for Angband based on some of my own neuroses, which got me to wanting to know about some of yours.
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This reminds me of my favourite Doom-related one of these: "you know you've been playing too much Doom when ... you step sideways out of elevators".
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I refuse to turn off a video game out of frustration, because to me it's like savescumming... if I screw something up in-game like sell my last phoenix down for 10 rupees or hit "discard" instead of "equip" on the +50 chain sickle of slime-slaying I just found or whatever, I'm gonna SUFFER, dammit! :P And I'm extra careful to make sure that never happens!
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just as I never recall without:

A way to get back
emergency potions

I also never forget my keys and wallet when i go out.
Being a Ninja means never having to say you're sorry.
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I sometimes play to the detriment of other needs (food, etc), to the point where "You feel less thirsty" actually makes me feel less thirsty.

Early on, when I played more cautiously, I used to feel depressed for days after losing a character.
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I have this somewhat obsessive tendency to create in my head an RPG character sheet for people I know IRL, complete with stats, resistances, skills, proficiencies, etc.
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I do put way too much thought into some of my characters' backgrounds and whatnot. I don't get depressed when they die, though. Mostly because I do in fact save-scum, as most days I just don't have the time, the desire, or the energy to play the game the "real" way.

I don't allow myself to play Angband to the detriment of other things. Angband is a fun timewaster, but to be perfectly blunt there are more fun and more important things in my life.

(I will say, though, that playing Angband as a kid was largely responsible for my learning to touch-type. So it is good for something. )
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