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Weight in chardumps

Looking at the 4.0.x chardumps, the character weight is shown in stones + lbs...Why not solely in lbs? Just wondering.
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Why not kgs?
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Oh, haha. I was expecting you to post the cumulative weight of all of your characters. That would be hilarious!
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If you printed out all of Hugo's oook ladder chardumps on 80gsm A4 papers, would Hugo's characters weigh more than Hugo himself?

(I did a quick and rough estimate and concluded that Hugo would probably weigh more, at least if you used a reasonably small font and printed on both sides; but the pile of chardumps would put up a good fight. If you used a slightly larger font - meaning fewer lines per page - and only printed on one side, the chardumps might well come out on top; if not yet, then in another couple years.)
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