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Now some time has passed since release and I would like to know if this is going to be final ?

I dont know how many standarts have been cursed, but like half the randarts are. Why ?
Curses belong to Angband, but not as a layer of tedious procedure before any item can be used. We got rid of trap detection and selling, just to introduce this ? Like a trap, a cursed item can be interesting and challenging to deal with under the right circumstances, but please use _sparingly_, not flood the dungeon with them.

The modifiers on artifacts are also less than interesting. Weapons typically have all slays, off-weapon slays are all over the place and pointless because the weapon has the slay already and the greatest challenge when assembling a kit is to filter the relevant mods out of a wall of text that is the artifact description.

Heres is, for example, a typical randart:

the Iron Crown of Valaith [0,+20] <+3, +1, +5, +4, +2> {cursed}
It makes you hallucinate sometimes.
It makes you frail.
It makes you mentally slow.
+3 intelligence.
+1 wisdom.
+5 dexterity.
+4 constitution.
+2 speed.
+1 light.
It causes your melee attacks to slay dragons.
Provides immunity to cold.
Provides resistance to acid, lightning, fire, poison, light, shards, nexus,
Provides protection from fear, blindness, confusion.
Cannot be harmed by acid.
Sustains strength, intelligence, wisdom, dexterity.
Feather Falling. Prevents paralysis.
Radius 1 light.

Thats 15 lines of modifiers, and its not an exception, its typical. Surely you can see that there is no way even a majority of these can be relevant to the decision wether to use the item or not ? Most of them must be ignored to get a picture of what that item does. Why this inflation in the amount of modifiers ?

I dont know what has been achieved technically with the new randart code, but for gameplay, I find it terrible as it is. Would it be possible to just go back to the old version ?

I have always played the newest daily from rephial, curious about the changes and eager to test things out. But now that the final version is out, I feel no desire to play it. I am sorry.
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dude. you have an artifact with four sustains, fear/blind/conf, 9 points of physical stats, bonus speed, one immunity, rPoison/Nexus/Shard/Chaos and an offbrand slay. i'm sure you can put up with having to find 3 remove curse scrolls.

seriously, i like this better. because as you get rid of the stronger curses, and can wear the artifact, then you begin to take off the minor ones, and the power slowly increases. better play experience than just a huge bump in power.

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Originally Posted by Estie View Post
Now some time has passed since release and I would like to know if this is going to be final ?
Short answer - no. I have been deliberately (mostly) leaving 4.1.0 out unchanged for a while so as to give people a decent chance to play it. Some time soon I will start fixing bugs, and new nightly builds will be coming out.

As to the randart problem, I see what you mean. I have ideas as to how to fix too many individual properties, and too many curses; I'll address that in the nightlies too.

Thanks for giving the current system a good test and for the feedback.
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(cursed) tag disappears when item sold to shop

Maybe a bug? The (cursed) tag disappeared on an item sold to the shop. I bought it back and it reacquired the tag. The item didn't lose the curse, just the tag in the shop display.
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