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Waiting for the other shoe to drop...

I recently started a Human Wizard. I've managed to kill him off a few times. I restarted him on Monday night after another death and managed to find Narthanc on dLvl 3 before I gave up for the night soon after.

Last night I picked up where I left off. I got to dLvl 7 and was rooting around with a level feeling of 3/5 when I came across a Hard Leather Cap with an unknown rune. I put it on and discovered that I had learned the Telepathy rune. Now THAT is a promising start!

I continued downward. dLvl 10 gave me a level feeling of 2/9, and I was deathly afraid that I'd hit some undetected trap that would drop me to dLvl 11 before I found whatever was making this level feel so promising. I crept around the dungeon wondering if I'd find a really nice priest's book, or if it was going to be a find that was useful for any class.

Then I quaffed an unidentified potion and saw my cLvl jump from 15 to 31.

So, I now have a 31st level telepathic Wizard who still doesn't know the rune for rAcid (and nearly everything else) and still has never descended lower than dLvl 10.

If the RNG happens to be reading this post, a +12 Ring of Speed would be nice, too!

I'm now trying to push myself into "don't be overconfident" mode, but I'm guessing the RNG won't be as kind next time.
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