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YAWP 3.5.1 human mage, One Ring!

Perhaps my fastest win yet, under 1 week of world time. I'm well familiar with mage play (it's my preference), and humans gain fast, so progress came fairly quickly. Left the hard uniques until Raal's and then Kelek's showed up. A very lucky find of 3 Staves of the Magi which never burned up or exploded (of course only used Greater Recharge on them, charging them one at a time with 0 charges) meant I could blast uniques with relative ease.

And new for me, not a single pillar dance, not a one. They made the endgame too boring in the past, cleaning out the uniques. All uniques fell to spells this time, left the weapon slinging to minor popcorn only. Plenty of digging knight's-move LOS corridors and tons of phase dooring to avoid a huge demand on healing (and of course tons of Rifts: God's gift to mages!). Only left about 4 uniques before the final fight, they got all summoned by M at once, and I just TP'd myself away to strand them. Finished them off with Grond afterwards. I find large open areas much better for mages with M, otherwise it's always a question of accidentally letting him have a free turn at you in a destructed area due to unsymmetrical LOS. Large open rooms and -Annhialation and -DrainLife, Chaos Strike, and Manna Storm made quick work of the big guy. Tons of banishes and mass banishes of course.

With a human of course the primary difficulty is maxing your key stat while simultaneously getting to 18/200 con. I was constantly juggling equipment, and often sacrificed some resistance holes (I was without acid, nether, and nexus resist for most of the endgame). With ESP and a high level mage with enough speed and the dungeon spellbooks and a rod of probing, you can avoid encountering anything that hits the resistance holes.

Just for fun and because I really hate the undead for draining my EXP these past several decades I took out one graveyard then just mass banished the rest. Getting to level 50 took no grinding at all for EXP since with Kelek's and looking to build up consumables, I sailed through all vaults, TPing away the uniques to kill later. Found a bunch of !Experience this way which made getting to lvl 50 fast.

Pretty amazing finds this time: Feanor, very rare for me and which fixed my remaining speed issue, and TA-DA, for the first time EVER I found the One Ring. Sitting there in a GCV vault. I was too chicken to use it in the final fight, since I didn't know how fast it drained exp, and frankly didn't need it as I had absolutely everything but nether covered already, including stunning, and a comfortable base speed of +31 (fought at +41 of course). But I put it on when M was down to one red star left haha.

It got to the point where since balancing the EQ was so tricky to keep 18/220 INT and 18/200 CON that I just stopped identifying armor and weapons altogether there at the end. Found Thorin but left it because I already had the perfect combo. Swapped out Thranduil for an Iron Crown of Lordliness that covered stunning, and because my other ring of power covered ESP and gave +2 INT to cover Thranduil's +2 INT.

Had fun with the Sling of Buckland sitting at home (+2 attack speed) a few times, took out Saruman with it, max damage on it was amazing but I didn't hit with it very often against thick-hided beasties.
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