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AAR on HT warrior

Power-dived to 1800', got out of a bad fight with a patriarch after not noticing that a gauth had discharged my _Teleportation. Good finds so far:
  • Narthanc and Nimthanc early
  • A pretty gnarly crossbow
  • caestus of FA at 1650'
  • =SI at 1750' from a grave wight
  • 2x!Strength, 2x!Constitution, 1x!Dexterity
  • Dethanc on the same level after a drolem breathed on me to LHP warning

Am I too deep? I know the power diving rule is that if you feel safe you're too shallow, and I am having way more of an exciting time than I had with the old ploddy way of playing, but I don't know nothin' 'bout drolems and Ulfang & Sons at CL26. Plus I lack rBase due to fat-fingering off a =rFire&rCold while swapping rings and getting surprised by some gnarly creatures.

How deep is too deep when you're diving fast? The dump is in my sig.
Now playing Abasorix, half-troll warrior in V-4.0.5.
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Pete Mack
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Drolem was OOD, likely from a small vault. At 1900', Kavlax shows up, followed soon by Gorlim. After 2000' things become more dangerous especially without rbase. HT warrior is at a serious disadvantage from there without detection or ESP.
From there, mapping and illumination, including of hallways, become more and more necessary. But 2000' isn't more dangerous than your current depth.
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