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Question about dual wielding.
As i have some nice weapons so far, i decided to try to train dual wielding to increase my chances to hit as it's abysmal regardless of my weapons individual skills and +bonus to hit.

So i threw my character into Orcs Cave and word of recalled to the bottom of it then cleared levels after levels until i reached /- the 20th floor.

That was a very very lot of monsters killed (and some uniques to add to my list too)
As i still had a lot of difficulty to actually hit (good i'm level 35 so i could afford so much missing strikes) i checked the skills level on ~ -> P
and it's still at (Un/Un) like it was before i started the grind.

So i'm rather puzzled after so much time annihilating enemies with dual wield : how is this skill training then ?
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In your particular case it sound like your character can't improved dual wield - the [Un/Un] line means Unskilled is your current level... and Unskilled is your max. If it were [Un/Sk] for example, you'd be in with a chance.

Having said that, I've taken measures to reduce the amount of grinding needed to raise most proficiencies (weapon skills and riding), but dual wielding still improves at a hengband pace.. which is to say slowly.
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Ah thank you, i had no idea what those 2 "Un" were really for.
Good i learned that or i would have wasted a lot more time trying
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