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Originally Posted by Estie View Post
Clubs weigh about 1 lb IŽd think, at most 2. 4 lbs is what a troll might use. The ridiculous weights have been adressed before, but in this game the only thing that really matters is carrying capacity (and making that more realistic probably wouldnt add much quality to the game if any) or attacks/round factor, for which only relative weights matter.

That being said, dividing all weights by, say, 4 might be a good idea; adjusting the code so the rules dont change shouldnt be hard.
I personally think that weapons should be more competitive to one another...str/dex and number of blows are all factored into the weapon weight and also the damage dice. I feel like some weapons get the shaft are about useless imo...lucerne hammers and tulwars being a few...heavy weight and low damage output making them undesireable weapons. And also their isn't even an artifact that is a they get the shaft.....but all in all they have to be balanced, heavier weapons shouldn't get as many blows as lighter weapons in example,
But I think adjusting damage dice and making some weapons more "similar" to other weapons to make them more competitive is entirely possible, and is something I have tweaked with from time to time.
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