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Modern variant with interesting dungeon(s)/designs?

I'm not a big fan of how dungeons are typically generated in Vanilla Angband where every floor is basically the same thing.

What I'm looking for is a variant with interesting/varied dungeon design, for example maybe rivers/lakes, themed dungeons/floors, different boss floors, stuff like that. I come from Crawl/ADOM/Nethack which all obviously have dungeons/areas that pose different kinds of threats.

What would be cool is themed dungeons where you have to prepare accordingly, like the Tower of Eternal Flames in ADOM. I know resistances tend to be binary in Angband but I like the idea of having to prepare specially for certain areas.

Failing that, just having unique dungeon floor elements would be cool.
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Crawl has the best maps of life. So awesome
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FAangband has a few unusual rooms every so often, and you can also choose to play with the wilderness. Fairly certain that O has a few as well.

Halls of Mist generates smaller levels, which are fraught with unique dungeon features and bizarre layouts.

Playing a Half-Elf with auto-scum in Quickband will guarantee loads of fun on every level.

I haven't played TOME 2, but you may try that if you can find it.

Outside of Angband, Brogue has fun levels, and Diggr is awesome. If you're a Nethack fan, Diggr is like all the unique elements that define Nethack distilled into a short, well polished gem.
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UnAngband has plenty of thematic levels; NPP also does the occasional bit of theming if I recall correctly.
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FAangband hybrid dungeon with hard mode on should be pretty entertaining.
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Thanks for the suggestions, I always get overwhelmed by all the variants when I get the Angband urge. The only one I've played to any real extent is ToME2 which I liked a lot because of the varied areas, but it gets a little old doing them all in the same order over and over if you die.

So many variants, not enough time. It's hard to get a good idea without sinking a good amount of time into them.
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