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developing a new "roguelike?", inspiration plz


i want 2 make my own roguelike game

its not gonna be a variant of angband, but its gonna be a similar style of play.

i dont hav any solid ideas yet, but i know its not going 2 b heavily visual.

i am not really an expert on roguelikes, but i deeply love angband, and b4 i discovered that, i had been playing diablo 2 for a long time and diablo 1 b4 that, also infinity engine games (baldurs gate, etc)

i consider diablo 1 pretty close 2 angband really, bsides the realtime factor and all the obvious things, its still a game with a dungeon and u win whenu get 2 the end and beat the boss

i want a 2 make my own game because i want 2 combine elements of diablo, angband and perhaps even some jrpgs like final fantasy (6-)

if i was capable 2 do it full on isometric and all that i would go 4 it, but as i am now im limited 2 my own artistic and programming capabilities ,,

so if u read this far , thank u and heres some more, i know im raving it and im soz 4 it...

i havnt really decided on anything except a dungeon with some kind of boss at the end and loot..

races, classes, setting and rules//system are secondary and i will make them up as i go

but i want 2 iron out wat i hav in mind b4 i really start coding this

im leaning 2wards a realtime game in all honesty., because i like that kind of thing.. but my limited graphical capabilites are putting me off because.. it would be a top down view game on a square grid, i dont know how well this fits to be honest,

if any1 has examples of games that are near enough roguelike but also realtime and preferably free so i can check them out,, please let me know

or if som1 can tell me anything u think i should consider b4 i crack in2 it, let me know

details are not important 2 me atm,, just core fundamentals,

thanks in advance and wish me luck~

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