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Originally Posted by Wiwaxia View Post
The more I think about this, the more I really like it. It removes an odd disadvantage of pacifist builds that doesn't seem to have a strong reason to be there, further pushes the point that there are things you really shouldn't bother to fight, encourages diving past where you can safely win fights, and cuts out the "running around 100ft killing tanglethorns for the last 10xp you need for the first forge" nonsense I've gotten into occasionally.
Pacifists - and stealth - are already balanced round this lower XP. They're already the speed run kings and the easiest characters for a 50K start.

I think there would be reduced incentive to stab unaware enemies. It would change the game balance quite a lot and I'm not sure I understand all the implications.

Originally Posted by Wiwaxia View Post
I like the new song tree design aesthetically, especially those two themed pairs. I'm not clear on how Song of Staunching is supposed to differ from the erstwhile Este. If I recall correctly, part of the issue with the original Este was the question of when you were supposed to sing it. If it's going to be a combat song, it needs to regenerate fast enough to compete with simply not taking that damage in the first place courtesy of Staying. If it's going to be a survivability song, it needs to regenerate enough to compete with ending unfavorable fights by scaring away enemies with Elbereth. Otherwise, it's left as a patch-up-after-battle song, which only really saves on turncount over regular healing, especially now that Thresholds makes it easier to make safe boltholes to rest.
A large part of the issue with Este was its cost. Yes, you would rather have Staying and Staying cost less than Este. Here Staunching is very much cheaper - 2300 XP cheaper - and a prerequisite for Staying.

Originally Posted by Wiwaxia View Post
Whetting granting sharpness by weapon weight is elegant. I'd be curious to see how it plays out in practice, although I imagine it would upset the light weapon vs. heavy weapon balancing you've already tried to do. It makes more intuitive sense for a whetting song to benefit knives more than axes rather than vis versa like adding a damage side would do. Spitballing, but in keeping with it being a whetting song you could have the effect build up over time as you sing it as you "sharpen" your blade.
I think for very light weapons this is okay, they're hard to justify outside stabbing. For 2 lb longswords it is trickier as they are good already. I may have to go to Song/10 which makes 2 lb longswords 20 Song to Sharpen. Maybe that's too much. Would prefer a round number.

Originally Posted by Wiwaxia View Post
A quick question about song interactions: does Freedom negate your own wards from Thresholds? I discovered that staves of freedom do, but I didn't have the spare experience to test the song.
I believe so but will have to check. Code should be similar.
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