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counterclockwise from bottom right:
monster/object recall
monster list
item list

I don't find the map overview interesting enough to keep it on screen all the time but occasionally use the M command to display it on my main screen.
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I usually have

and the two I actually use are Monsters and Items.

I play on a laptop, sometimes with an external monitor and sometimes not, so I tend to have the windows configured for the 13" screen because I'm too lazy to reconfigure every time or figure out how to save different configs. This means I usually don't have the inventory window big enough to see all slots if I want Monster or Item windows large enough.
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None at all.
Little Willie was a chemist
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Pete Mack
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The ones I use a lot are messages items and monsters. The colored rows in items, and the organization of monsters make them indespensible. One possible change: Allow monsters to be organized by max damage they can do in a player turn, corrected by resistances.
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