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Pete Mack
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I mostly agree with you on that list--ESP is definitely #1 requirement.
Not so sure I agree on the distribution of things after rElec. (Certainly I agree about rAcid being below rConf, but my death rate to the things in the set

{Fire, Cold, Conf} are all pretty similar, with rSound and rBlind below them.

Since I don't play randarts enough, it's hard for me to value them--usually most of the important ones come nicely bundled in Isildur or Rohirrim.
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Originally Posted by Thorpy View Post

I have always wondered if there is a complete weapon/armour combination/set, that gives you all requird resistances, or do you always have to compromise. I've never got deep enough to confirm.
While the other responses before mine are largely correct, at your level of play (new), I can offer a much simpler response.

Get: See Invisible, Free Action, and Resist Fire, Cold, Elec, and Acid. Then learn the game. Start with High-elf, and See Invis is taken care of. Start with Gnome, and Free Action is taken care of.

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